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Our Method of Teaching

We use learning practices and teaching techniques recommended by the Swimming Teachers Association and Swim England to deliver a gentle method of teaching, best for very young children.

Creating sensory stimulating learning environments and allowing children to achieve at their own pace.

We take influence from Montessori Education which teaches us;

  • All children are natural learners

  • All children learn through senses

  • All children love to learn

  • Learning should be hands-on and through play

  • Observation is a powerful way to learn

  • The environment and adult should encourage a “help me do it myself” mentality in babies and young children

  • Self direction is a key outcome

  • Learning should be fun

Baby Swim UK is pioneering in its approach to teaching swimming to children under 5 years.  

We have researched worldwide to develop our unique Baby Swim UK early years swimming program, using the most natural techniques in line with children's developmental milestones to grow confidence, gain independence, teach swimming and safety skills.

You and your child will be able to keep track of the skills you've learnt with Swim England's free app:

Discovery Duckling - Baby & Toddler

Duckling - Pre-School